Brand Name WALFLOOR      Product No.  SF0096
Size      945X2600mm   Thickness   5.0mm 
Class    AC4-AC5 Material  virgin  
Emboss       smooth        Finish:   matt finish  
Bevel     Painted bevel   Warranty  10-15years  
Type of click  Tongue & Groove structure  3D Printing+SPC CORE 

         PRODUCT FEATURES        

Every 4.5-7sqm has one time repeat.

When we use the marble designs we can nominate  FAST CLICK MARBLE

It can be use for the wall panel as well as flooring ,what is more you can also use for the wall scene !

Original colors must buy 3000sqm films but we can improve this because we are not necessary to buy the films.

There are unique style ,colors designs from different corner ,for example you can use the marble ,granite,wood ,gemomitry,or any colors what you want.

          PRODUCT   STORY             


After Mount Altissimo, Italian Altissimo meaning "highest" and "God," a vertical rock wall reaching 1,589 meters above sea level at the beginning of the 16th century,When Michelangelo, the great sculptor of the Renaissance, climbed Mount Altissimo, he found the quality of its marble, even better than that of Carrara in Italy, and Michelangelo's highest praise for its "high-density texture, homogenous, crystalline appearance,It's like sugar.